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JA2012 Commemorative Speeches

Oct. 9 (Tue.)

Keynote Speech

Main Hall 3F Conference Hall

Perspective of Future Aerospace Industry in Japan
Lecture : Mr.Ikuro Sugawara〈Director General of Manufacturing Industries of Economy, Trade and Industry〉
Mr.Takayuki Ueda〈Director General of Manufacturing Industries of Economy, Trade and Industry〉
Current Position:

Manufacturing Industries Bureau,
Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, METI (2012.9 -)

Professional Experience:
Director-General, Industrial Science and Technology Policy and Environment Bureau, METI
2008 - 2010
Deputy Director-General for Policy Evaluation, Minister's Secretariat, METI
2007 – 2008
Prime Minister's Executive Adviser
2007 - 2007
Director, Policy Planning and Coordination Division,
Minister's Secretariat, METI
2006 – 2007
Director, Budget and Accounts Division, Minister's Secretariat, METI
2004 - 2006
Director, Policy Planning Division,
Electricity and Gas Industry Department,
Agency for Natural Resources and Energy
2002 – 2004
Director, Economic Policy Unit, Minister's Secretariat, METI
2001 - 2002
Director, Service Affairs Policy Division,
Commerce and Information Policy Bureau, METI
2000 - 2001
Director, Service Industries Division,
Consumer Goods and Service Industries Bureau, MITI
1997 - 2000
Director General, Washington D.C. Office, Japan National Oil Corporation
1996 - 1997
Director for Personnel Affairs, Minister's Secretariat, MITI
1981 -
Joined Ministry of International Trade and Industry (MITI)
Date & Place of Birth

March 6, 1957 Miyagi, Japan


B.A. Economics, Tokyo University

Japan National Space Policy
Lecture : Mr. Junya Nishimoto〈Director General, Office of National Space Policy, Cabinet Office〉
Lecture : Mr. Junya Nishimoto〈Director General, Office of National Space Policy, Cabinet Office〉
Junya Nishimoto was appointed to Director-General for Office of National Space Policy, Cabinet Office in July 2012. From January 2011 to July 2012, he was Director-General for Technology Policy Coordination in the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI). From 2008 to 2010, he was Deputy Director-General for Industrial Science and Technology, and Environment. From 2005 to 2008, he was Director for Technology Affairs, Minister's Secretariat. From 2003 to 2005, he was Director for Aerospace and Defence Industries Division, Manufacturing Industries Bureau. From 2001 to 2003, he was Director for Space Industry Office. From 1998 to 2000, he worked as a secondee from MITI to the UK Department of Trade and Industry. From 1997 to 1998, he was Director for Policy Promotion Headquarters, Personnel Division in Minister's Secretariat. Apart from studying at Cornell University from 1990 to 1991, since joining MITI in 1982 he has held a variety of posts including: Public Utility Department of Agency of Natural Resources and Energy; Industrial Electronics Division of Machinery and Information Industries Bureau; Import Division of International Trade Administration Bureau; and Industrial Relocation Division.

Special Speech

Main Hall 3F Conference Hall

The History and Future of the Military Aircraft Development Japan
Lecture : Mr. Hisao KOGA(Lt.General , JASDF) 〈Director, Department of Air Systems Development
Technical Resarch and Development Institute, Ministry of Defense〉
Mr. Hisao KOGA(Lt.General , JASDF) 〈Director, Department of Air Systems Development

Lt. Gen. Koga was born in March 2, 1958 in Saga Prefecture. He joined the Air Self Defense Force after graduation of the National Defense Academy, Yokosuka, March 1980.

July 1990
Command and Staff Course, Air Staff College, Ichigaya
August 2000
Joint Staff College, Meguro

He has been involved the new BADGE system program initially, and then assigned a staff of command and a squadron leader of PATRIOT.

December 2000
Chief, Defense Plans/Policy Section, Air Staff Office,Ichigaya
August 2002
Commander, Base Management Group, 3rd Air Wing,Misawa
August 2004
Head, Weapon Systems Division, Air Staff Office, Ichigaya
August 2006
Director (J-4), Logistics, Joint Staff Office, Ichigaya
August 2008
Commander, 8th Air Wing, Tsuiki
July 2009
President, Air Officer Candidate School, Nara
March 2012
present Director, Department of Air Systems Development, TRDI
Activity of JAXA for Aerospace Exploration
Lecture : Mr. Kiyoshi Higuchi 〈Vice president,JAXA〉
Mr. Kiyoshi Higuchi  〈Vice president, 〉

Born in 1946. After his graduation from the Mathematics of Nagoya University, he joined the National Space Development Agency of Japan (NASDA), and engaged in developing small rockets and system design of H-1 launch vehicle. While working at NASDA, he received his M.S. degree of aeronautics and astronautics at Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He joined the planning of overall research and development of NASDA and the planning of Japan's participation in the International Space Station (ISS) program. In 2003, he was appointed as the Executive Director of Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (), responsible for Strategic Planning, International Relations and Industrial Collaboration, and Lunar and Planetary Exploration Program. From April 2010, he has been appointed as the Vice President of .

Japan-made MRJ to the World
Lecture : Mr. Hideo Egawa〈President, Mitsubishi Aircraft Corporation〉
Mr.  Hideo Egawa〈President, Mitsubishi Aircraft Corporation〉
Date of Birth
November 2, 1944
Date of Join
Apr. 1, 1967 Joined Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd.
Present post
President, Mitsubishi Aircraft Corporation
Mar. 1967
LL. B. University of Tokyo, Law Dept.
Jun. 1973
LL. M. University of Washington, School of Law
Apr. 1, 1996
General Manager, Aircraft Department of Aircraft & Special Vehicle Headquarters
May. 1, 1999
Chief Coordinator, Presidential Administration Offic
Jun. 1, 1999
President of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries America, Inc.
Jun.27, 2002
Director, Chief Coordinator, Global Strategic Planning & Operations Headquarters
Held also the post of President, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries America, Inc.
Jun.26, 2003
Director, General Manager, Global Strategic Planning & Operations Headquarters Retired the post of President,Mitsubishi Heavy Industries America, Inc.
Apr. 1, 2005
Managing Director, General Manager, Global Strategic Planning & Operations Headquarters
Jun.28, 2005
Director, Executive Vice President, General Manager,Global Strategic Planning & Operations Headquarters
Apr. 1, 2006
Director, Executive Vice President, General Manager, Presidential Administration Office, General Manager, Global Strategic Planning & Operations Headquarters
Apr. 1, 2007
Director, Senior Executive Vice President, General Manager, Presidential Administration Office
Apr. 1, 2009
Director, Senior Vice President, Assistant to President, Held also the post of President, Mitsubishi Aircraft Corporation
Jun.25, 2009
Retired the post of Director, Senior Vice President,Assistant to President, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries
Perspective of Future Aerospace Industry and expectation to Japanese Aerospace Industry
Lecture : Mr.David P. Hess 〈Chairman, Aerospace Industry Association (AIA)〉
Mr.David P. Hess 〈Chairman, Aerospace Industry Association (AIA)〉

David P. Hess became president of Pratt & Whitney, a division of United Technologies Corp. on Jan. 1, 2009. He is responsible for the company’s global operations in the design, manufacture and service of aircraft engines, space propulsion systems and industrial power systems.
Under his leadership, Pratt & Whitney is manufacturing engines with exclusive PurePower® Geared Turbofan™ technology for Airbus, Bombardier, Irkut and Mitsubishi and is the sole provider of the F135 engine for the Lockheed Martin F-35 Lightning II fighter.
Hess joined Pratt & Whitney after four years as president of Hamilton Sundstrand, the United Technologies division where he began his professional career in 1979.
Hess holds a bachelor’s degree in physics from Hamilton College and a bachelor’s and master’s degree in electrical engineering from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. He was awarded an MIT Sloan Fellowship in 1989 and earned a master’s degree in management in 1990.

Research & Development Cooperation between Europe and Japan, Now and Future
Lecture : Dr. Rudolf Strohmeier 〈Duputy Director-General of DG RTD, European Commission 〉
Lecture : Dr. Rudolf W. Strohmeier 〈欧州委員会 研究・イノベーション総局 副総局長〉

Deputy Director-General of DG RTD since 2010, responsible for Research Programmes.

After his studies of Law and Economics at the University of his home town Würzburg and that of Bonn, he started his career as teaching assistant at the Department of Civil and Commercial Law at the University of Würzburg in 1979. In 1980, he joined the Bavarian Liaison Office to the Federal Government in Bonn. Following a 2-years detachment to the Development Policy department of the European Commission, he established the Bavarian Information Office in Brussels and became its first Director.

From 1987, he served in the three Cabinets of Commissioner Peter Schmidhuber (Macroeconomics and Regional Policies, later Budget and Budget  Control Commissioner) till 1995 when Agriculture Commissioner Franz Fischler nominated him his Deputy Head of Cabinet. After becoming Head of Division in DG AGRI in 2000, he joined the Cabinet of Commission President Prof. Romano Prodi in 2003 as Adviser i.a. for industrial, agricultural and environmental policies. From 2005, he served as Head of Commissioner Viviane Reding's 2nd Cabinet (Telecommunication and Media).


Oct. 10 (Wed.)

Cooperation with US/Europe and the Expectation to Japanese Aerospace industry

Sponsor : SJAC 10:00〜 Communication Hall 3F Conference Hall[300person]

「Opening Speech」
Lecture : Mr. Shigeru Murayama 〈Chairman of SJAC International Committee, President of KHI Aerospace Company〉
「787 Lessons Learned」
Lecture : Mr. Luckey, Jeffrey G 〈Vice President, 787 Supplier Management, The Boeing Company〉
「The Future of Global Defense Partnership」 
Lecture : Mr. R. Kirkland 〈VP Corporate International Business Development, Lockheed Martin〉
「Pratt & Whitney Next Generation Product Family Overview」
Lecture : Mr. Bob Saia 〈VP, Next Generation Product Family Commercial Engines, Pratt & Whitney〉
「RFC Flight Test Demonstration」
Lecture : Mr. Osamu Funatogawa 〈Chief Technical Superintendent, IHI Corporation〉
「UTC Aerospace Systems' current Business and expectation to Japan 」
Lecture : Mr. Geoffrei Newma 〈Director-Marketing Asia Pacific Aerospace Customers and Business Development, UTC AerospaceSystems〉
「Roadmap of Collaborative Research Between Europe and Japan in Aeronautic field」
Lecture : Mr.Patrick de Prevaux 〈Director, Airtransport, R&T & Operation ASD (Rep. of SUNJET)〉
「Collaborative Development Activity with European Union」
Lecture : Mr. Atsuhiko Sakabe 〈Manager, Material Resarch Section, Fuji Heavy Industry Ltd, Aerospace Company 〉
「Airbus Innovation and Expectation to Japan」
Lecture : Mr. Luis Nobre 〈Head of International Cooperation North East Asia ,Airbus〉
「Rolls-Royce's Current Business and expectations to Japan」
Lecture : Dr. Nick Peacock 〈Programme Executive R&T, Rolls-Royce〉
「Thales Current Business and Expectation to Japan」
Lecture : Mr. Loic De la Bourdonnaye 〈Director, International Business Development, Thales〉

Space Seminar
~ Space Policy in major countries and Japan's space utilization strategy ~

Sponsor : SJAC 10:00〜 Communication Hall 3F Conference Room3[100person]

「Opening Speech」
Mr. Shigeyoshi Hata 〈SJAC Senior Vice President〉
「Small Satelite Challenge」
Lecture :Professor Sir Martin Sweeting 〈Group Executive Choirman of SSTL〉
「NASA: Current Activities, Future Plans and the Importance of International Cooperation 」
Lecture :Mr. Christpher Blackerby 〈Representative of NASA in Japan〉
「The French Space Development - Preparing the next 50 years」
Lecture : Mr. Mathieu GRIALOU-OSAWA 〈CNES Representative in Japan〉
「ASI strategy and main Italian space programs」
Lecture : Mr. Mario Cosmo 〈Technical Director, ASI〉
「Russian ISTC and Collaborative Programs with Japan」
Lecture : Dr. Tatiana Ryzhova 〈ISTC Senior Project Manager〉
「Japan Space Industry Policy」
Lecture :Mr. Takashi Kadomatsu 〈Director, Space Industry Office, Manufacturing Industries Bureau, METI〉
「Promotion of QZSS service project」
Lecture : Mr. Eigo Nomura 〈Office of National Space Policy, Cabinet Office〉
「JAXA's collaboration with space industries」
Lecture : Mr. Mitsuru Watando 〈Deputy Director, Industrial Collaboration and Coordination Center,JAXA 〉
「Development of space systems and global expansion of space utilization」
Lecture : Mr. Susumu Sanbommatsu 〈President, Japan Space Systems〉
「Japanese H-II A/B Launch Vehicle: Today and Future Plan」
Lecture :Mr. Syouichirou Asada 〈Vice President, General Manager, Space Systems, Aerospace, MHI〉
「Challenge of the thruster export」
Lecture : Mr. Yutaka Sato 〈General Manager, Space Systems Dept., IHI Aerospace〉
「State and views of the satellite manufacturers」
Lecture :Mr. Masaki Adachi 〈General Manager, Space Systems Dept., Aerospace and Defense Operations Unit〉

Reseach/Development of Advanced aircraft Technology Development Center

Sponsor : SJAC 10:00〜 Main Hall 4F Conference Room6

Overviews of Foreign Aerospace Markets/
Major OEMs Procurement & Supply Chain Policy
(Part 1)

Sponsor : SJAC/BCI Aerospace 10:00〜 MAIN Hall 4F Conference Room7

For more information PDF

「Overview of Canada's Aerospace Industry」
Lecture :Mr. Jim Quick〈President & CEO, Aerospace Industries Association of Canada(AIAC)〉
「The Bombardier Way of Managing Global Supply Chain」
Lecture :Mr. Jean-Francois Tessier〈Sales Director, North Asia, Bombardier Commercial Aircraft〉
「Risk Management in Boeing's Global Supply Chain」
Lecture :Mr. Jeff LUCKEY〈Vice President, 787 Supplier Management, The Boeing Company〉
「All MHI Procurement Enhancement and Supply Chain Management for Commercial Airplane Business」
Lecture :Mr. Nobuhiro Takeshima 〈Director Procurement&Sourcing Department, Nagoya Aerospace Systems, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd〉
「Mexico Opportunities for aircrafts parts manufacturing」
Lecture :Mr. Rodolfo Esau de Garza de Vega〈Promexico (the Mexican Government institution in charge of strengthening Mexico's participation in the international economy)〉
「Polish Aviation Sector」
Lecture :Mr. Arkadiusz Tarnowski〈Ph.D., Deputy Director – Polish Information and Foreign Investment Agency, PAIIZ〉

Asian Passenger Plane Forum 2012

Sponsor : Tokyo Metropolitan Government 14:00〜 Event Hall[160person]

Keynote Speech "Asia Passenger Plane Vision"
Lecture :Mr. Tatsuro Sakaki 〈Vice Chairman of The Examination Committee for "Promotion of Development of a Small to Medium -size Jet Passenger Plane"〉
"Mitsubishi Regional Jet to Fly around the World"
Lecture :Mr.Hitoshi Iwasa〈Vice President, Sales & Marketing Department Mitsubishi Aircraft Corporation〉
"Challenges of Regional Jet"
Lecture :Mr. Takuro Uchiyama〈 Vice president,Fuji Dream Airlines〉
"Operation of Regional Jet and its Future"
Lecture :Mr. Kazuki Sugiura〈Air-Transport Analyst〉
"Taiwan's Aviation Industry" (tentative)
Lecture :Mr. Yen-Nien (Butch) Hsu〈President, Aerospace Industrial Development Corporation (Taiwan)〉
Panel Discussion "For the Development of an Asian Passenger Plane"
Panelists :Asian Jet Passenger Plane Specialists from India, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam,Japan
Moderator :Dr. Masahito Asai (Tokyo Metropolitan University, Japan)

Oct. 11 (Thu.)

Defense Seminar

Sponsor : SJAC 10:00〜 Main Hall 3F Conference Hall[300person]

Japan's Prospect for International Cooperation in Defense R&D: Opportunities and Obstacles Document(PDF)
Lecture :Dr. Masahiro Matsumura 〈Professor of International Politics, ST. ANDREW'S UNIVERSITY 〉
Why is Enterprise Sustainment Critical ? Document(PDF)
Lecture :Mr. Joseph Fengler〈Product Support Committee, AIA Director, Honeywell International〉
"The Guideline for Overseas Transfer of Defense Equipment" and Defense Industrial Policy Document(PDF)
Lecture :Mr. Hajime Wakuda 〈Director for Defense Industry, Aerospace and Defense Industry Division, METI〉
Toward the development of the Strategy on Defense Production and Technological Bases Document(PDF)
Lecture :Mr. Masahiro Kawasaki 〈Director for Equipment Policy Division, Burean of Finance and Equipment, MoD〉
The History and Future of the Military Aircraft in Japan Ground Self Defense Force
Lecture :Mr.Katsunori Sekiguchi (Colonel, JGSDF) 〈 Chief of Aircraft Division, Logistic Department Ground Staff Office MoD〉
Current Status and Issues of Building Up Maritime Defense Capability of Aviation Document(PDF)
Lecture :Mr. Shuji Kitano (Captain, JMSDF) 〈Director of Aircraft Division, Logistic Department, Maritime Staff office, Chief of Aircraft Division, MoD〉
Current & Future Air Defense Equipment and Systems in Koku-Jieitai Document(PDF)
Lecture :Mr. Koichi Nishitani (Colonel, JASDF) 〈Head, Logistics Planning Division, Airstaf Staff office, Chief of Aircraft Division, MoD〉
14:50 -15:10
The International Development and Production of F-2 Fighter - Lesson Learned -
Lecture :Mr. Mitsuru Hamada 〈Chief of Program Office Advanced Technology Resarch Aircraft, Military Aircraft Division, Aerospace Systems, MHI〉
15:10 -15:30
「Development Trend of Software Defined Radio」
Lecture :Mr. Yutaka Ukegawa 〈General Manager, Defense Network Systems Division, Nippon Electric Company〉
15:30 -15:50
"Hitachi Defense Technologies to Contribute National Security"
~safe and secure from sea bed to outerspace ~
Lecture :Mr. Toshiaki Arai 〈Senior Chief Engineering , and CTO Hitachi, Ltd .,Defense Systems Company〉
15:50 -16:15
Next Generation of Military Engine
Lecture :Mr. Bjorn Gidner 〈Regional Vice President, Turboshaft Sales, GE Aviation〉
European industry experience in international cooperation armament programs - how it can contribute to Europe - Japan cooperation in defense technology? The helicopter industry example Document(PDF)
Lecture :Mr.Philippe Gueguen 〈Regional Director, Japan,Global Business & Services Eurocopter〉
16:40 -17:05
3Ps Overview: US Industry Perspective
Lecture :Mr. Peter Notarianni〈Vice President, Raytheon International〉

Overviews of Foreign Aerospace Markest/
Major OEMs Procurement & Supply Chain Policy(Part 2)

Sponsor : SJAC/BCI Aerospace 10:00〜 Communication Hall 4F Conference Hall7

For more information PDF

「How Korea-Japan can cooperate in the aerospace industry field」
Lecture :Mr. Choon Young(Peter) Song〈Research Fellow, Korea Aerospace Policy Research Institute, Korea Aerospace University〉
「EADS/Airbus Global Sourcing」
Lecture :Mr. Antoine Gaugler〈Head of Country Sourcing Office – North East Asia, European Aeronautic Defense and Space company (EADS)〉
「"New source selection and integration-the Avio strategy".」
Lecture :Mr. Paolo Sciascia〈Scouting and New Sources Integration Manager, Avio〉
「Québec Aerospace, a Vital and Wide Ranging Sector」
Lecture :Mr. Andre Bazergui〈Special Advisor to the President and CEO, Consortium for Research and Innovation in Aerospace in Québec (CRIAQ)〉
Lecture :Mr. Mohan Patel〈Japan Representative, Investissement Québec (IQ)〉
Procurement Measures and Policies of Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Aerospace Company
Lecture :Mr. Hisashi Sugitani 〈General Manager – Material Department and Manufacturing Division, Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd. 〉
Malaysian Aerospace Industry Outlook
Lecture :Mr. Shamsul Kamar Abu Samah〈Head, Aerospace / Advanced Material, Malaysian Industry - Government Group for High Technology (MIGHT)〉
「Overview of UK Aerospace Sector」
Lecture :Mr. David Scotter〈Director - Events and Market Development, ADS〉

Latest Trend and Future Prospects of Japanese Aviation Technology (Part 1)

Sponsor : SJAC 10:30〜 Main Hall 4F Conference Room6[100person]

The Future Plan of JAXA Aeronautics
Lecture : Mr.Toshiyuki Iwamiya 〈Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency, Associate Executive Director,Aviation Program Director〉
R&D Activities in ENRI and JCAB CARATS
Lecture : Mr. Kazuo YAMAMOTO 〈Director of Research Planning and Management Electronic Navigation Research Institute ENRI〉
Advanced Material Application for Aircraft Structure
Lecture : Mr. Kiyoshi Enomoto 〈RIMCOF〉
The latest trend about the systematization of the product support
Lecture : Mr.Yasuhiro Haruta〈Aircraft Manager, Product Support Dep. Militaly/Commercial Aircraft Div, AerospaceSystems, MHI〉、Mr. Yasuyuki Kuno〈Business Dep. Global Solution, Intelligent Society Business Dep, Fujitsu, Ltd.〉

Approaches to environmental regulations ICAO
~Toward the realization of Green Aviation~

Sponsor : SJAC 13:00〜 Main Hall 3F Conference Room4[100person]

Coordinator: Dr.Toshio Nagashima 〈Honorary Professor, Tokyo University〉
Japan's Approaches to environmental regulations ICAOCAEP()
Mr. Yoshiya Nakamura 〈Former Director, INC Engineering Co., Ltd, 〉
Direction and Approaches of environmental emission standards for aircraft
Mr. Hideki Moriai 〈Chief Engineer, Civil-Aero Engine Division, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd〉
Direction and Approaches of Aircraft Noise Standards
Mr.Tsutomu Oishi 〈General Manager, Research& Development Center, IHI Corporation.Ltd〉
Approaches to environmental regulations from flight operation point of view
Mr.Kozo Funabiki 〈Manager, Operation Engineering, JAL〉

The Aerospace Industry Zone of "Chubu" District

Sponsor : Aichi-Nagoya Aerospace Symposiums Executive Committee 10:30〜 Event Hall[150person]

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Oct. 12 (Fri.)

Latest Trend and Future Prospects of Japanese Aviation Technology (Part 2)

Sponsor : SJAC 10:30〜 Main Hall 4F Conference Room7[150person]

Prospective of algae fuel and its challenge
Lecture : Mr. Tomohiro Fujita 〈President, IHI NeoG Algae Neo-Morgan Laboratory Incorporated〉
Another aviation using UAV and its road
Lecture : Dr. Kakuya Iwata 〈Senior researcher, National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST)〉
Expectations of insulation material coated with ceramic
Lecture : Mr. Tatsujiro Ishiko 〈President, Nissin-Sangyo Co.,Ltd〉
Challenge for Supersonic Business Travel = Mobility Innovation=
Lecture : Mr. Kimio Sakata 〈President, SKY Aerospace Institue〉

The Expansion of the Overseas Markets for Japanese Development Aircraft

Sponsor : SJAC 14:30〜 Main Hall 4F Conference Room7[150person]

Development Progress of MRJ
Lecture : Mr. Hirohide Takaseki 〈Mitsubishi Heavy Industry Co. Operation Department, Business Planning Gr.Gr. Leader〉
Overview and the export project of US-2
Lecture : Mr. Takeshi Kamogashira 〈Manager,Engineering Department, Aircraft Division, Shinmeiwa Industries, Ltd〉
Commercialization of C-2 Transport Aircraft
Lecture : Mr. Masanobu Oogaki 〈Leader of Advance Project Section Aerospace Company Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd〉

Nagoya Aeronautics Symposium

Sponsor : 13:30〜 Central Japan International Airport(Centrair), Centrair Hall[250person]

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UN/Japan Nano-Satellite Symposium

Sponsor : UNOOSA, Tokyo University,UNISEC 9:20〜 Main Hall 3F Conference Hall[300person]

Oct. 13 (Sat.)

UN/Japan Nano-Sattellite Symposium

Sponsor : UNOOSA, Tokyo University,UNISEC 9:20〜 Main Hall 3F Conference Hall[300person]

We are accepting to registration for 4th UN/Japan Nano-satellite Symposium in advance.

If you would like to participate in this symposium, please go to official website
( ), or follow this below link and register to [Attendee].

Oct 10 (Wed.), Oct 11 (Thu.)

Exhibitor's Presentation Seminars

Open stage inside of Hall 1 / Seminar room

Exhibitors will make presentations and hold seminars that introduce their businesses and explain about their products.