To those who will participate in the business meetings as buyers

Registration Guideline

Trade visitors will have an opportunity to participate in the business meetings (B to B meetings) the organizer of the Japan International Aerospace Exhibition 2012 is planning as buyers. The B to B meetings will take place at exhibitors’ booths in the halls of Port Messe Nagoya between 10:00 and 16:30 on October 10 (Wed.) and 11 (Thur.). The time reserved for each meeting is 30 minutes.

To participate in a B to B meeting, input necessary information in English on the Internet. (See Note.)

① Register participation. (Click on the “Attach” button for the appropriate application item on this page to access the form, and enter necessary information.)
②After the registration of your participation is confirmed by the organizer, an ID and a password required for access to the online catalogue of “B to B Meetings” will be sent to you.
③Input the following on the online catalogue (by around September 15):
(a) Information about your company
(b) Information about product / service you want to purchase or have an interest in
(c) Participant’s schedule for the day of the meeting
④On September 15 and afterward, you can access the database on the online catalogue online and check the profile of each participating company.
(a) Select a company you want to have a B to B meeting with.
(b) On the other hand, if you are selected by another company for a partner for a B to B meeting, reply whether you accept or refuse it.
⑤ From October 8 (Mon.), a schedule coordinated with the company that agreed to have a B to B meeting with you on the online catalogue will be individually sent to you. The schedule will include:
(a) Company to have a meeting with
(b) Date and time
(c) Place of meeting
⑥ On October 9 (Tue.), you will receive a set of participation documents (meeting schedule, list of participants, presentation schedule, feedback sheet) at the BCI Reception (BCI Meeting Space in Hall 1).

The information input and output in the abovementioned procedure will be used for the sole purpose of the planning and management of the JA2012 B to B meetings and will not be used for any other purpose.

For more information about B to B Meeting, please download this PDF file.

Application for participation in business meeting as buyer

Application for participation registration (English):
You can make an application for participation registration by clicking on the button shown below.

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If you have any questions about how to input information when making an application for a B to B meeting, you can receive support from staff of “BCI Aerospace” over the phone, etc.

Contact: Japan International Aerospace Exhibition Management Office

“BCI Aerospace” Mio Teycheney
Tel: +81-3-3585-1641 Fax: +81-3-3585-0541

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