Outline and Overview

How to Access

Trade Show Venue: Port Messe Nagoya

Dates: October 9 (Tue) to 12 (Fri), 2012

Public Transportation (Train and Bus)
  • Take the Aonami train line from Nagoya Station to Kinjo-Futo Station, then walk five minutes from the station (Total travel time: approx. 30 minutes)
  • From Tsukiji-Guchi Station on the Meiko subway line, take the city bus heading for Noseki Station. Get off at Inaei Station or at the terminal stop, Noseki Station, and transfer to the Aonami Line (Travel time approx. 20 minutes)

By Car
  • From JR Nagoya Station
    Approx. 50 minutes
  • Tomei Expressway (from Toyota Interchange)
    Approx. 30 minutes
  • Higashi-Meihan Expressway (from Yokkaichi Interchange)
    Approx. 15 minutes
  • Ise Bay Expressway (from Meiko Chuo Interchange)
    Approx. 5 minutes

Public Venue: Central Japan International Airport (Centrair)

Dates: October 12 (Fri) to 14 (Sun), 2012

Public Transportation (Train)

For details, refer to : http://www.centrair.jp/en/access/ac-to-train/index.html

By Car

The drive from Nagoya City to Central Japan International Airport -Centrair on the Nagoya Expressway, Chita Peninsula Expressway, and Centrair Line takes 30 to 40 minutes.

For details, refer to : http://www.centrair.jp/en/access/ac-to-car/index.html

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