Outline and Overview

Conditions for participation

(1) Eligible Industry Categories
Field Exhibit Venue
Port Messe Nagoya (Trade & Public) Centrair Airport (Public)
Manufacturing Aircraft, aircraft engines, unmanned craft, rockets, satellites, spacecraft, related equipment, devices, parts and materials, electronics and telecommunications equipment, aircraft interior design, seating, video equipment, etc.  
Ground Facilities Aerospace-related equipment and devices, logistics systems and equipment, security systems and equipment, airport facilities, equipment and materials, ground control stations, etc.  
Aerospace Operations and Utilization Rocket launch equipment, telecommunications and broadcasting, remote sensing, surveying, space utilization, airports, air transportation, etc.  
IT and Solutions Utilization Solution systems, design and processing technology, etc.  
Manufacturing Facilities, Services, and Supply Machine tools, maintenance, inspection, consumable supplies, resupply equipment, fuel, etc.  
Flight Operations Airlines, flight support companies and organizations, etc. Airlines; flight support companies and organizations; etc.
Research, Development, Education, Training Universities, research institutes, joint development projects, industry-government-academia collaborative projects, aerospace-related leading-edge technologies, etc. Schools and other organizations for pilot training, maintenance personnel, air traffic control operators, flight crews, etc.
Regional Vitalization and Development Regional government, embassies, etc.  
Miscellaneous News agencies, publishers, models, promotional items, travel, entertainment, etc.  
(2) Large Exhibits
Exhibit Type Exhibition Venue
Port Messe Nagoya (Trade & Public) Centrair Airport (Public)
Indoor Helicopters, space equipment, etc. None
Outdoor Large-scale models of space equipment, etc. Aircraft; helicopters; special airport vehicles; etc.
Aviation Helicopters, etc.
(3) Exhibition Site Plans
Exhibits and Special Events Exhibition Venue
Port Messe Nagoya (Trade & Public) Centrair Airport (Public)
Indoor Exhibits Hall 2, Hall 3, and Hall 1 (reserved) Bus Lounge Building
Ceremony and Reception Exchange Center and Event Hall None
Seminars and Symposiums No. 2 Centrair Building
Static Display Exhibit Hall Vicinity Airport Grounds, etc.
Flight Display None  

(4) Exhibit Regulations
See here for details of Exhibit Regulations


(1) Dates (Trade Days) : October 9 (Tue) to 12 (Fri), 2012
(2) Venue : Port Messe Nagoya


(1) Dates (Public Days) : October 12 (Fri) to 14 (Sun), 2012
* Port Messe Nagoya will host trade events. On October 12 (Friday), there will be a students' and recruits' day for job seekers and all other university students.
(2) Venue : Port Messe Nagoya & Central Japan International Airport (Centrair)

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