Exhibition Guidelines
Guide to Exhibit

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Booth Standard

1. Basic Booth

If there are adjacent booths, the organizer will install back panels, side panels to ensure they are clearly separated, and a booth number plate.

(Note) Carpet will not be provided.
(Note) Panels will not be provided for island booths.
Side panels will not be provided in corner booths or other
booths with no adjacent booths.

Basic Booth

2. Booth Layouts (Basic Booths Only)

Three layout types are available.

・Single-row booths
・Double-row booths (Four booths or more)
・Island booths (Ten booths or more)

Booth Layouts

3. Booth Allocation

The location of each exhibitor's booths will be determined by the organizer, taking into account various factors such as zoning, exhibit areas booth size, and number of participations in past exhibitions.


1.Booth Fees

  1. General (Japan/Overseas):
    JPY 560,000 (excluding tax) per booth (9㎡)
  2. Regular Member or Associated Member of the Society of Japanese Aerospace Companies :
    JPY 532,000 (excluding tax) per booth (9㎡)
  3. Government offices, Local governments, NPOs, IAAs, Schools and other public corporations, Organizations, and Foreign embassies :
    JPY 504,000 (excluding tax) per booth (9㎡)
  4. Indoor Large Exhibits (discount is only to the booth space for indoor display of actual or mock-ups that require a space of 36㎡ or more) :
    JPY 392,000 (excluding tax) per booth (9㎡)

    (Note) 1 booth = 9㎡ (WDH: 3m × 3m × 2.7m)
    (Note) Please refer to "Exhibition Regulations" pdf on page 13 for more details.

2. Included in the Booth Fees

  1. Exhibit space (back panels, side panels, and a booth number plate)
  2. Invitation tickets (quantity is determined according to the number of booths)
  3. Planning, operation, and promotional expenses provided by the organizer
  4. Inclusion of the exhibitor name on the floor map and various printed materials
  5. Safety management, personnel, and security expenses provided by the organizer (excluding booth security)

3. Not Included in the Booth Fees

  1. Exhibitor's own booth decoration, construction, and operating expenses
  2. Construction and usage expenses for utilities such as electricity, water, and gas used within the exhibitor's own booth
  3. Expenses for advertisements placed in various printed materials
  4. Insurance premiums for exhibition objects
  5. Compensation for any accidents such as bodily injury that occur during exhibition, demonstrations, move-in/out work
  6. Expenses for the renovation of booth decorations based on the exhibition regulations and laws and ordinances
  7. Other expenses not included in the booth fees

Packaged Booth Guide

Packaged booth specification and fee information are now available.
Please download and check the PDF below.
(note) Details regarding application will be released at a later date.

Packaged Booth Guide

Application Process

  • 1. Agreement to Privacy Policy

    Please fill in the application form and agree to the Privacy Policy and the Exhibition Regulations before submitting your application.
  • 2. Provisional acceptance of application

    Your application is in provisional acceptance status.
  • 3. Examination of application by the management office

    The management office will confirm the details of the application. If any modifications are necessary, the management office will contact the person in charge by e-mail.
  • 4. Notification of confirmation of application by the management office

    When your application is confirmed, the management office will send an e-mail to notify you of the confirmation of your application.
    *You will also be notified by e-mail if your application is not accepted as a result of the examining.
  • 5. Formation of Exhibition Contract

    In accordance with Chapter 2, Article 5 of the Exhibition Regulations, the contract (exhibition contract) between the exhibitor (your company) and the organizer is concluded when the e-mail indicated above process 4 is sent to you.
    *In some cases, the management office may ask you to reply to the e-mail, so please check the contents of the notification e-mail.


Applications for JA2024 will be accepted only online.
Please apply using the application form below.

Please note that when the application is completed, the application is in a provisional acceptance status.
After the application has been carefully examined by the management office, we will notify you of the result of your application approximately in a month by e-mail.
The exhibition application will be officially confirmed by above-mentioned e-mail sent by the management office.

Please be advised that the management office may not accept your application based on the exhibition regulations as a result of the examination of your application.

Application Form


  • May 2023: Applications Start

  • May 17 (Fri), 2024: Application Deadline

  • May 31 (Fri), 2024: Deadline for Booth Fees Payment

  • Around July 2024: Exhibitor Briefing

  • October 14 (Mon) to October 15 (Tue), 2024: Move-In

  • October 16 (Wed) to October 19 (Sat), 2024:
    Japan International Aerospace Exhibition 2024

  • October 19 (Sat), 2024: Move-Out (Same Day)